Webinar – Migration to Azure Cloud

Recently we had a pleasure to host a webinar organized jointly with Microsoft. During the on-line training we addressed the question “How to migrate your own Windows Server and Linux environments to Azure?”.
We cordially invite you to view the presentation delivered during the webinar.

2017.02.28 / Tuesday

Migration to Azure Cloud

We’re very happy to share that jointly with Microsoft, we have prepared an on-line training entitled “How to migrate your own Windows Server and Linux environments to Azure cloud?”. During the training we’re going to present the options you have for migrating existing on-premise environments to Microsoft Azure, as well as setting up new workloads directly in the cloud. Scenarios described and migration techniques will consider e.g. operating system type (Windows, Linux), infrastructure type (physical or virtual), as well as virtualization technology in use (Hyper-V, VMware).
The training will be practical with elements of live demo.

We cordially invite you to join the webinar on Thursday 9th of February 2017, at 10:00-11:00.

2017.02.06 / Monday


We are extremely pleased to announce that on 25 and 26 November we will have an opportunity to take part in the 2015 Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure Summit. The event will be devoted to infrastructure solutions for datacenters and clouds. It will primarily be addressed to all those in charge of developing and maintaining IT infrastructure in their companies. Damian Skrzypiec will represent Secuba.

2015.11.05 / Thursday


We’re a modern, dynamically growing IT services and consultancy company. We have been providing our customers with support in the form of advice and implementations of new Microsoft technology based solutions from the very beginning of our operations. Now we can boast a new website, which will help you to get to know us even better! You’ll find information on our products and services as well as a list of selected projects which we have carried out. We look forward to doing business with you!

2015.10.19 / Monday